"The power of (broken) symmetries: how glasses and strained Weyl semimetals sound"

Who: Matteo Baggioli, IFT-Madrid, Spain

Place: Donostia International Physics Center

Date: Friday, 29 May 2020, 12:00

Symmetries are holy principles in Physics from high energy to condensed matter.
Surprisingly enough, even when they are broken, they have a fundamental impact on
the excitations, the dynamics and the transport properties of the physical systems.
In this talk, I will discuss two emblematic cases of this kind. First, I will examine the
nature of phonons in glassy and amorphous systems and how, using an effective
hydrodynamic description, we could explain some of their anomalous properties, namely the boson peak and the linear in T specific heat. Then, I will consider the role of the axial anomaly in strained Weyl semimetals and more precisely the appearance of a new chiral bosonic mode, ''the chiral sound wave''. I will present the physical implications of such mode and a simple way to detect it experimentally using a calorimetry experiment. The latter could potentially be another fantastic and measurable manifestation of quantum anomaly in condensed matter systems.

Host: Fernando de Juan

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