" Adaptive dynamical decoupling for quantum sensing with NV centers.(CANCELLED!)"

Who: Jorge Casanova (Department of Physical Chemistry UPV/EHU Bilbao)

Place: CFM auditorium

Date: Tuesday, 10 April 2018, 12:00

Dynamical decoupling (DD) techniques, firstly developed in the early years of nuclear magnetic resonance, represent a useful tool to manipulate with high fidelity the hyperfine levels of a Nitrogen Vacancy (NV) center. The latter is an excellent quantum platform for quantum sensing purposes at room temperature. Then, an adequate application of DD techniques over the NV center will enable quantum sensing of both classical signals and nuclear spins with high precision. In this talk I will review some standard methods in quantum sensing with NVs, and introduce newly designed DD sequences that allows detection of nuclear spins even at high static magnetic fields.

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