"Galaxy Formation and Galaxy Morphologies with Modern Cosmological Hydrodynamical Simulations"

Who: Shy Genel, Center for Computational Astrophysics, New York

Place: Donostia International Physics Center

Date: Monday, 22 October 2018, 11:30

IllustrisTNG is the largest cosmological hydrodynamical simulation suite run to date, evolving volumes of up to (300 Mpc)^3 from cosmological initial conditions down to the present epoch with over 30 billion particles representing both dark matter and baryons. I will present a few key results on galaxy formation from these simulations and their predecessor Illustris. I will then focus on how the new generation of cosmological hydrodynamical simulations can revolutionize our understanding of the origin of galaxy morphologies. In particular, I will present a Lagrangian approach to thinking about galactic angular momentum content and touch on the puzzle behind the similarity between galaxy and dark matter halo spins.

Host: Raul Angulo

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