"ONLINE - PhD Mid-term Seminar Series: Nanomagnetic logic via photothermal excitation of nanomagnetic networks"

Who: Matteo Menniti, Nanomagnetism Group

Place: nanoGUNE online Webinar

Date: Monday, 6 September 2021, 11:00

Nanomagnetic logic via photothermal excitation of nanomagnetic networks

Matteo Menniti

Nanonmagnetism Group, CIC nanoGUNE

The magnetic interaction of bi-stable single domain magnetic nanoparticle has been subject of interesting studies thanks to its capabilities of emulating the interactions of atomic spin. The geometrical constraints in these interaction give rise to a degeneration of the ground energy of the system, also known as frustration. These systems, known as Artificial Spin Ice(ASI), has been used to study phenomena such as: phase transitions, frustrations, magnetic monopoles etc. The bi-stability (1 and 0) of these single domain particles combined with their ability to influence one-another via the magnetostatic interactions makes them interesting candidates for computing applications. Previous studies have shown that by setting the initial energy of an ASI system the thermal relaxation to a ground state computes the result of Boolean operations of said ASI. These thermal relaxation have been studied by means of globally heating the whole ASI. Here we propose a way to tune the relaxation pathway by selectively heating individual particles by means of thermoplasmonics. By tuning the dimensions of a metallic nanoparticle, thus the plasmonic resonance frequency, the absorption of the electromagnetic energy (polarized light) at given wavelength is enhanced and a large temperature increase of the particle is achieved.

In this talk we will describe the design process of a reconfigurable hybrid nanomagnetic-thermoplasmonic Boolean logic using an ASI system.


PhD Mid-term Seminar Series: Mikel Quintana & Matteo Menniti - CIC nanoGUNE

When: Sep 6, 2021 11:00 AM 

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