"Mental Health Issues and the Ethics of Care in Research Intensive Institutions"

Who: Dr. Erin Huner - Faculty member and Director of Culture & Inclusion at the Ivey Business School

Place: Auditorium, Centro de Fisica de Materiales

Date: Tuesday, 24 May 2022, 12:00

Why the growth of mental health issues in universities and research-intensive institutions? What are the ethics of care, that we need to collectively re-imagine when we think about student flourishing, academic success and equity and inclusion within our curricular and co-curricular learning environments? How might we re-imagine the ways in which the design of our learning spaces impacts student sense of wellbeing and belonging? Dr. Erin Huner, Director of Culture & Inclusion, at the Ivey Business School, will discuss approaches to designing curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities for students that center equity, inclusion and well-being, as a means of increasing student success and sense of belonging within the post-secondary landscape.
Dr. Erin Huner is an adjunct Faculty member and Director of Culture & Inclusion at the Ivey Business School.  She is a social geographer with expertise in implementing research into practice in the areas of Equity Diversity and Inclusion and Gender Based Violence, student Skill Acquisition and Student Mental Health and Wellbeing within the Post-Secondary sector.

Aitzol García Etxarri and Gustavo Ariel Schwartz
Transferable Skills Coordinators

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