"Thesis Defence: Electronic correlation and magnetic properties of one-dimensional systems"

Who: Joseba Goikoetxea

Place: Auditorium, CFM

Date: Thursday, 30 June 2022, 11:00

The main purpose of this Thesis is to perform a theoretical analysis of the magnetism and electronic correlation on different nanochain systems. Though simple in their structure, they show intriguing magnetic properties due to their low dimensionality.
We focus on two different types of chains: transition metal oxide chains with stoichiometry XO where X=Ni, Co, Fe and Mn grown on Ir(100) and  the metal-organic polymeric CoQDI and CrQDI chains. In the former chain, we study the electronic correlation variation between the planar unsupported and the supported system. Depending on the interaction between substrate and chain, the magnetic atom electron occupancy can be entirely modified and interaction between the electrons affected, thus, modifying the magnetic properties of the system. In the metal-organic chains, we analyze the consequences when the theoretical analysis is capable to converge to excited states apart from the minimum energetic ground state. We will study the change in the magnetic properties when the different states are set in the magnetic atoms.

Supervisor: Andrés Arnau Pino and María Blanco Rey

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