"Magnetic anisotropy and magnetic ordering of transition-metal phosphorus trisulfides"

Who: Cheol-Hwan Park, Seoul National University, DIPC

Place: Hybrid Seminar: Donostia International Physics Center

Date: Friday, 21 October 2022, 12:00

Unlike in the case of 3D or 1D, the magnetic ordering in 2D systems is interesting in that it depends critically on the type of the Hamiltonian (Ising, XXZ, or Heisenberg-type).
Transition-metal phosphorus trisulfides were the first-separated two-dimensional magnetic materials in 2016 [1].
In this talk, I will briefly discuss our recent collaboration with experimentalists on the magnetic ordering in Ising-like FePS3 [2], XXZ-like NiPS3 [3], and Heisenberg-like MnPS3 [4] few-layer systems and discuss the first-principles modelling of these 2D magnetic systems [5].

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Host:Ivo Souza

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