"Quantum effects in the background of a topological defect"

Who: Yurii Sitenko, Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

Place: Hybrid Seminar: Donostia International Physics Center

Date: Tuesday, 7 February 2023, 12:00

At present much attention is paid to the study of nonperturbative effects in quantum systems, arising as a consequence of interaction of quantized fields with various configurations of classical fields. Especial interest is to the investigation of the influence of configurations with nontrivial topology (domain walls, vortices, monopoles, or, in general, topological defects) on the properties of quantum systems. There is a need, in this regard, to take account of the finite size of a topological defect and to set up a boundary condition on its edge. Our idea consists  in the employment of the most general boundary conditions ensuring the impenetrability of quantum matter fields into the interior of a topological defect; in mathematical parlance, this means the condition of self-adjointness for the appropriate quantum-mechanical operator of energy. We set the task of discovering effects which are induced by a topological defect in general case in the ground state of quantum matter system. Further analysis and the requirement of physical plausibility of obtained results may restrict the ambiguity in the choice of boundary conditions. In this case, there is an opportunity of the unambiguous determination of effects which are induced by a topological defect in quantum matter.

Host: Aitzol García

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