"Interactions between layers in ferroelectric superlattices"

Who: Matthew Dawber, Associate Prof. Stony Brook University

Place: Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC).Paseo Manuel de Lardizabal, 4, Donostia

Date: Friday, 6 February 2015, 12:00

In finely layered ferroelectric superlattices, the polarization domain configuration is determined by a complex interplay of strain, electrostatics and other local distortions of the crystal lattice. Here I will discuss a number of experimental works we have performed to try to better understand these effects and harness them to produce more effective functionality in ferroelectric devices. A particular emphasis is on the development of domain structure during the growth of our artificially layered  structures, which we have studied using in-situ synchrotron x-ray diffraction.

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